Nails for Dandiya Night

Nails for Dandiya Night

Hello everyone. It's already October, and the fall season is here, bringing with it the festival season. Speaking of which, Navratri, the nine day-night festival, is here too. We'll be sharing some fun and colorful nail art ideas to make your Navratri look even more special.

Colors Queen Nail Affair nail polish will brighten up your Navratri and Dandiya celebrations. It is like adding a splash of happiness and vibrant colors to your nails. You can proudly show off your beautiful nails to everyone. Be sure to take a look at the Colors Queen Nail Affair color collection today. Our nail polishes are available in a wide range of fashionable colors that are suitable for any occasion. They make every day and every festival even more delightful and enjoyable.

Let us walk through the steps:

Step 1: Begin with a base coat to shield your nails. Use Nail Affair base coat and allow it to dry completely before moving on—no rushing with a semi-wet base. 

Step 2: Now, paint your nails with white nail polish using Nail Affair Snowy White. If you don't have a dotticure tool, a toothpick or bobby pin will work just as well.

Step 3: Choose four Nail Affair Nail Paint colors. Pour each onto an empty palette. Use a bobby pin to make random dots on your nails with each color. Keep the polishes wet by adding more if they dry. Let it dry, then apply a top coat for long-lasting, vibrant nails.


Show off your beautiful nails this festive season. Be sure to explore the Colors Queen Nail Affair Affair collection today and make every moment special with your exquisite nail art. 

Pro-Tip: Creating those small, neat dots is simpler than it seems, even though they may appear intricate. The size of the dot depends on the pressure you put on the nail. For a small dot, use less pressure. If you want a larger dot, load more polish on your bobby pin and apply more pressure on the nail.

Why settle for a single look when you can have a different nail style every day? 

With Colors Queen Nail Affair, you'll have endless possibilities at your fingertips. Express your creativity by mixing and matching colors to create one-of-a-kind nail art designs, transforming your nails into a daily fashion statement.

Colors Queen Nail Affair nail polish will add extra joy and color to your Navratri and Dandiya nights. Show off your beautiful nails with Colors Queen Nail Affair. Our top-notch, long lasting, water-proof, chip-resistant, stylish colors are perfect for any event, making every day and every festival even more special. Don't forget to check out the Colors Queen Nail Affair collection now.