If you have"Vella-Time" Let's get ready for Your Valentine

If you have"Vella-Time" Let's get ready for Your Valentine

We understand that some girls, in particular, feel terrible that they have not found the right partner and that they spend the majority of this week as vella time. Instead, why not treat yourself to a fresh look this Valentine's Day with Colors Queen? 

Let us make a combo for you according to the days of requirement and make your man or other boys jealous this week 

Oil Control Base Foundation 

Since she needs to change, let us begin with her lovely face, daa! Thus, my friend, this oil control base foundation is among the best; it offers you high coverage, so you can easily conceal your face and get the look you deserve thanks to the oil control formula and ultra light texture, which provides the matte finish 

Perfect Look Compact +Concealer 

The concealer will cover up all of your imperfections, and the compact powder gives you a matte look thanks to its oil-free formula. However, we must stress that without using the concealer first, your foundation will never be complete. And no, you do not need to purchase these items separately because the brand offers you these two-in-one benefits. This will become the perfect asset to the valentine cosmetic bag and will be admired by others.

Soft Kajal 

Now that your face is ready, it is time to beautify your eyes and add some glamour to them with kajal. This will not only make you look stunning, but it will also make the person who makes eye contact with you unable to stay away.  As it effortlessly glides onto your eyes and adds the jet black color, let us speak the language of love through your eyes. It makes it seem lovely and appealing.   

Multi Chrome Eyeshadows 

This recently released product from Colors Queen is in high demand and is a great addition to the Valentine Beauty Box. It has already caused quite a fuss in the market. One of the best finishes is this eyeshadow because it has the ability to change color and comes in 12 gorgeous shades. Its quick drying formula also gives you the option to get ready quickly and gives a proper metallic touch.  

Lip Cheek and Eyeild Tint

Another explosion of color from Colors Queen! This tint is so perfect and easy to blend evenly that it gives you the desired finish. If you need to highlight your face a little more, you have a variety of options to choose from, but a slight hint of pink will suit you and guarantee that the boys will start flirting or go flat on your look.

Mattifying Lipstick   

We have to admit that you look amazing right now, but since everything is so well covered, let us not overlook the best Valentine's Day facial specials. Its velvety matte finish keeps your lips moisturised while providing hydration. The delicious smell of these lipsticks entices you to wear them often. However, there is not much hassle when the lipstick lasts for a respectable amount of time.

Metallic Pouch 

When you are through shopping, let us assist you in giving you the metallic pouch you purchased. Do not forget, we make it simple for you to carry it around, as it shines so brilliantly that it gives the impression of glass glow and looks really fascinating. 

These are some of the beautiful Valentine products for you because if no one is there at your vella time, you have us. Let us make people jealous this week and take full advantage of Colors Queen products because we never sugarcoat anything for you.

Written by :  Nonit Nassa